As  you drive around the Gold Coast it is very easy to see just how many people live in and take holidays in residential towers. But how do TV antenna repairs work in this situation where not everyone can have their own antenna? It is a little different to a normal antenna installed on your home, and may not be as easy to repair, but it can be done.

When you live in a high rise building, many antenna issues will come down to the connection inside the apartment which you can easily have repaired. If however, the reception issues are affecting more than just you, you will need to chat with body corporate to have the issue repaired.

Let’s take a look at some of the more common antenna services and repairs that happen in residential towers:

  • The cable inside your property is old and worn out
  • The cable inside your property is broken
  • The cable leading from your television to the antenna point is worn out
  • The internal antenna cable is worn out
  • Changes to the environment around your building (new high rise for example)
  • Changes to reception and broadcasting areas
  • Damage from weather, animals or humans

Booking an Antenna Repair Tech

If the issue is solely within your unit, you will be responsible for booking an antenna repair technician. For tenants, we recommend you get in touch with your agent or landlord to organise this. As an owner, these are the steps to follow:

  1. Do your research on antenna technicians that service your area. The internet is a great place to start of course, but also consider asking your neighbours or your on-site manager if they have anyone they recommend.
  2. Speak to the antenna tech and let them know what issues you are having.
  3. Organise a day with them to do the repair. It is always best to let your body corporate or on-site manager know you have someone coming out just incase they need to access common TV antennas to determine the issue.

If you’re looking for an antenna repairer on the Gold Coast who can help you with your antenna issues in a residential tower, give Home Style Antennas a call.