Common Antenna Problems in Clear Island Waters

It may not seem like it, but even one of the smallest suburbs on the Gold Coast can suffer from antenna problems. While these issues usually don’t relate to interference from other buildings, or landscapes, they do tend to relate to how many televisions are being used in the home, and how old the equipment is, as well as whether any faulty equipment has previously been installed in the property.

Faulty Equipment

One of the biggest common antenna problems in Clear Island Waters is faulty equipment and cheap products being utilised when replacing or repairing the antenna system. When there are more than one or two televisions in the property, many homeowners feel that they can get away with a splitter to send signal to more than one television. The problem with this is that it affects the signal received by the antenna and weakens the signal further every time it splits off to another television.

If your signal quality issues are due to a splitter being used in your home, we can remove that and replace it with an antenna amplifier that will help ensure good signal quality across all television sets in the home.

Other faulty equipment can include lead cables, power outlets, signal outlets and the actual antenna itself.

Too Many Television Sets

While it can be common for larger houses within the Clear Island Waters suburb to run multiple televisions, often there is only one or two televisions being used at the same time of day. This may mean that we have to install an amplifier on your antenna to ensure you receive quality signal across all televisions in your home.

Home Style Antennas offers a 10% discount to all new clients. We also work with you to book an appointment at a mutually appropriate time which allows us to run through any issues with you in person, making sure you are happy with your new signal before we leave.

If you’re having trouble with your television signal in Clear Island Waters, call Home Style Antennas, the local Gold Coast antenna specialist. We can consider all the options available to you to ensure you have the best signal possible at your home.

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