Antenna Services in LabradorLabrador has a great mixture of standalone homes and low- and high-rise buildings, all with their own antenna issues. Living close to the Broadwater often brings issues with rust due to salt air, while the older properties tend to have issues with old equipment.

Home Style Antennas offers a range of antenna services in Labrador, working in single family homes, townhouses and units.

Installing new antennas

After testing your signal and confirming that the issue is with your antenna, we will replace the antenna with one that will suit your home and your budget. There are different styles of antennas to suit various situations and we can explain the difference between them for you. We will then hook up your new antenna, ensure all channels are working and make sure you are happy with your signal.

Signal issues

If your signal issues aren’t due to your antenna, we can track down where the issue lays. Often, the fly leads or cable to the television may need to be replaced, while other times, it is an issue with the wall connector. Once done, we’ll run a signal test to make sure you have full reception.

Installing extra television points

Sometimes houses just don’t come with enough television antenna points. If you want to run multiple TV’s in your home, there is a chance you may need extra antenna points installed. Home Style Antennas can add extra points to let the whole family watch what they want where they want. We’ll also test your antenna to make sure it can handle sending signal to multiple televisions, and work with you on a solution if it can’t.

Installing an antenna amplifier

If you run more than one television in your home, or your signal is dropping out and everything is in good conditioning, you may need to add an amplifier to your antenna. There are two types of antennas that do two very different jobs and installing the wrong amplifier can make your bad signal even worse. When we check your antenna and your signal, we’ll recommend the correct amplifier to install, and then ensure your signal is working perfectly before we leave.

Wall mounting televisions

Popular in smaller units and townhouses where space is minimal, wall mounting your television is a great way to watch your favourite shows and sport without losing space in the home. Home Style Antennas can professional wall mount your television, ensuring that neither your wall nor television is damaged. We’ll work with you to choose the ideal location for your television and use the correct mounting equipment to prevent damage.

If you’re looking for antenna services in your Labrador property, contact Home Style Antennas.

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