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Common Antenna Problems in Helensvale

It doesn’t matter which suburb you live in on the Gold Coast, you can still experience antenna problems. However, there are some common antenna problems with tv antenna installation in Helensvale that the team at Home Style Antennas can help you with.

The location of Helensvale is often an issue when it comes to signal interruptions. There are a number of large trees that can block signal to homes on lower ground, while there are plenty of older homes where the issues fall back to the antenna itself.

Common antenna problems we see in Helensvale include:

  • Cables and fly leads that are aged, damaged or simply not plugged in correctly
  • Television not correctly tuned to the right channels
  • Damaged antenna
  • Antenna pointing to the wrong transmitter
  • Low coverage area
  • Antenna picking up, or trying to pick up signals from outside the coverage area

Damaged Cables & Fly Leads

Damaged cables and leads, as well as loose connectors, can all cause issues with the quality of your TV signal. Home Style Antennas can check and replace any cable issues that may be causing this loss of signal.

Not Tuned to the Right Channels

Occasionally when televisions are automatically retuned, they can lose the best television signal and start picking up the signal from another transmitter. If this has happened to you, you may need to have your television manually retuned to all the local channels.

Damaged Antenna

Apart from location, a damaged antenna can be one of the biggest causes of signal loss. If your antenna system is storm damaged, weathered, rusted or missing essential items, it is likely your signal strength is low. Home Style Antennas can supply and install new antennas to bring your television signal back to life.

Antenna Pointing to the Wrong Transmitter

This one doesn’t happen very often, but we sometimes find antennas pointed to the wrong transmitter. In Southport that may mean you are trying to pick up the signal from Brisbane or NSW. High winds are often the cause of this issue, but an incorrect install or repair to your antenna can cause the issue as well.

Low Coverage Area

Depending on where you live in Southport, your line of sight to the transmitter at Mount Tamborine may be affected. This may be due to a new high-rise building or having trees interrupt your signal. This issue can easily be fixed by installing a masthead amplifier or looking at moving your antenna to another section of your roof.

If you are experiencing one of these common antenna problems in Helensvale, Gold Coast, speak to us today. We can provide you with a quote to repair or replace your antenna. We also offer a 10% quote price beat guarantee to ensure you are getting the best deal.

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