Why Choose a Qualified Antenna Specialist in Mermaid Waters?

When you’re having issues with your television signal in Mermaid Waters, you need a qualified antenna specialist who can diagnose and fix the issue without fuss. Often, we have people ask what a qualified antenna specialist can do that they can’t do on their own. Here’s a few things we can repair or replace for Mermaid Waters home owners.

Fix your reception issues

There are plenty of reasons for antenna issues with everything from simply needing a new fly lead cable to needing a new antenna. A qualified antenna specialist can diagnose and repair the issue much quicker and more efficiently than someone without experience.

Install new antennas

If your antenna is the issue, a qualified antenna specialist in Mermaid Waters will be able to remove and replace your antenna with ease. Once done, they will check that all channels are working correctly, and you’ll be back watching your favourite TV shows in no time.

Wall mounting televisions

At Home Style Antennas we can professionally wall mount your television, ensuring your TV is in the best viewing spot, and that there is no damage to your wall or your television.

Installing Signal Boosters

Signal boosters need to be installed with care. The wrong booster or installing one when you don’t need it can make your signal much worse. Our team can diagnose the issue and work out whether you need a booster and what the best option is.

There are plenty of reasons to choose Home Style Antennas as your qualified antenna specialist in Mermaid Waters. We offer a quality and affordable service, expert advice, and a high level of customer service. We are based right here on the Gold Coast, and have a good understanding of the signal quality issues that Gold Coast residents experience.

At Home Style Antennas we can provide antenna services on residential and commercial buildings including body corporate set-ups. If your television signal is getting worse, call us today. With our 10% discount offer for all new clients, as well as a senior citizens discount, we’ll have your signal back to the best quality with no fuss.

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