Installing Starlink Dishes & Products on the Gold Coast

Gold Coast Antenna Installation has an extensive record of successfully installed satellite dishes and Starlink hardware. 

Starlink satellites bring game-changing internet speeds, even to the Gold Coast’s most notorious trouble spots.

With fast and friendly service, our reliable technicians are highly trained in Starlink products and satellite dish installation.

This technical expertise and our commitment to professional service means you’ll enjoy the outstanding benefits of your Starlink installation.

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Why professional Starlink installation matters

DIY installation of Starlink products might be your first consideration. However, all too often, DIY users encounter installation difficulties resulting in their internet services being compromised or worse, broken. 

Your only guarantee of optimal performance is professional installation for your Starlink devices.

All technical issues will be handled promptly and efficiently with professional installation. And you’ll avoid possible damage to your valuable equipment. 

Gold Coast Antenna Installation guarantees successful installation of your Starlink products.

Our Starlink installation process

Gold Coast Antenna Installation takes a systematic approach to get the best possible results from your Starlink satellite products. Our process is as follows:

1. Site survey & assessment

Proper evaluation is the foundation for success for satellite dish installation. Our technician will conduct an on-site assessment at your home or business premises to determine the optimal mounting location for best possible signal reception. 

This assessment also takes in other factors, such as safe roof access, cable routes, and placement of the router for good Wi-Fi coverage throughout your property.

2. Installation

Following the site survey, our technician will:

  • install your Starlink satellite dish, securing it in the optimal location
  • cabling from the satellite dish to the router will be carefully laid out and connected reliably
  • an outlet near the router’s location can be created, if needed. 

Our technician will also be ready to help set up your new internet connection and Wi-Fi network using the Starlink app. 

If you are interested in additional Wi-Fi products, they can also be installed pending availability.

3. Internet speeds confirmed

To complete your Starlink installation, your Gold Coast Antenna Installation technician will perform an internet speed test. 

This guarantees your connection is both fast and stable and confirms that your new internet connection delivers reliably fast upload and download speeds.

Starlink installation FAQ

You may find the answers you’re looking for in these responses to frequently asked questions about our Gold Coast Starlink installation services:

Q: How much does professional Starlink installation cost?

Professional Starlink installation costs are influenced by factors including:

  • Location: Accessibility and proximity of the installation site to the desired internet access point.
  • Obstructions: Obstacles that could interfere with signal reception include trees, buildings, and other structures. Difficulties in achieving the required installation height can also add to the cost.
  • Construction: The structure of your premises, in particular, roof type (flat or pitched), roofing materials (tile or metal), wall structure (brick veneer, cladding, etc), and number of storeys. The complexity and cost will also be influenced by the presence of cavities and spaces for cables.

Q: How do I extend the wi-fi range of my Starlink?

In larger buildings and multi-storey houses, Wi-Fi signal strength may be insufficient in some rooms. Our technicians can ensure uninterrupted Wi-Fi coverage for your entire property, using options such as:

  • Wi-Fi Access Points: Strategically installing access points will boost signal coverage in weaker zones in your house.
  • Range Extenders: These devices amplify the Wi-Fi signal, extending its reach into areas lacking stable connectivity.
  • Wi-Fi Mesh Systems: A mesh system blankets a much larger coverage area with a unified Wi-Fi network that enables seamless connectivity and eliminates dead zones.

Q: Is Starlink installation on the Gold Coast worth it?

Some of the benefits of a professional Starlink installation on the Gold Coast include:

High-speed connectivity

Our expert satellite dish installation ensures unparalleled internet speed and reliability from Starlink’s satellites. You’ll be able to use your digital devices to seamlessly stream your favourite movies and music, surf the web, and partake in video conferences.

Global coverage

Wherever you are on the Gold Coast you can enjoy uninterrupted internet connectivity. Starlink’s satellite technology brings internet coverage to all areas, particularly areas known to be troublesome for connectivity.

Low latency

Starlink’s technology means goodbye to lag. Fast response times with  minimal latency is a game-changer for gamers (excuse the pun), as well as for business professionals. 


Gold Coast Antenna Installation has been delivering reliable Starlink internet connectivity to all Gold Coast locations. Starlink can keep you connected even in adverse weather conditions.

Inexperienced Starlink installers

Having inexperienced personnel install your Starlink devices can lead to complications and setbacks, for example:

1. Internet problems

Misaligned equipment, poor signal reception, and overall subpar performance, are issues that can result from installation by inexperienced technicians.

2. Safety concerns

Installation usually involves working at heights and in confined spaces. Safety concerns also include equipment that could be poorly secured and cables improperly routed that pose safety hazards.

3. Warranties voided

Starlink offers warranties on their equipment. However, using unqualified personnel for installation may void these warranties, leaving you unprotected in the event of equipment failure or damage.

4. Long-term reliability

Substandard installation could have long-term reliability issues, including outages, slow speeds, and inconsistent performance. Even intermittent issues can disrupt your activities.

We work with:
  • Residential properties
  • Commercial properties
  • Body Corporates
  • Real Estate Agents/Property Managers
  • Builders on new builds and renovations

Trust our experience for your Starlink satellite installation

Unlock the full potential of Starlink internet for your home or business and enjoy hassle-free Starlink installation with optimal signal strength and seamless connectivity. 

Gold Coast Antenna Installation is the go-to choice for Starlink installation on the Gold Coast. 

We are renowned for expertise and experience, meticulous attention to detail, and our commitment to customer satisfaction.

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