Best Antenna Types in Tallai

A popular Gold Coast suburb backing onto the Hinterland, Tallai homes often have issues with their television signal due to interference from the large amount of bushland surrounding the suburb.

There are a couple of different antenna types available in Australia and the one best suited to your home will depend on not only the area of Tallai that you are in, but also whats surrounding you.

A Yagi antenna is the most common design that you’ll see in urban areas. These antennas tend to have a high signal strength so are good for most homes. A Log Periodic antenna will often bring a cleaner and better signal, and often works in areas where a Yagi antenna doesn’t receive great signal (even with an amplifier). A Phased Array antenna is good for those homes who are a long way from the signal or in places where there is a weak signal.

One key point when finding the right antenna for your Tallai home is that they need to be pointing in the right direction to pick up quality signal. If your antenna has moved in wind, there is a chance it isn’t pointing towards the broadcast tower.

Before changing your antenna, the team at Home Style Antennas will check a few things to determine what is causing bad signal, including:

  • Where in Tallai you live and whether there is anything to interrupt your signal to the broadcast tower
  • The general signal area in your street
  • Any extra equipment you have installed
  • Whether your antenna is installed correctly and pointing to the broadcast tower
  • Any maintenance issues such as a rusty or broken antenna, missing elements, cracked cables etc

Many homeowners believe that an amplifier will help their signal issues in Tallai, but it is not recommended to install any additions to your antenna before you speak with Home Style Antennas. Installing the wrong equipment has the potential to make your signal worse.

Whether an amplifier or a new antenna will help fix your signal issues may depend on:

  • The channels you require
  • The strength of the signal required
  • Any existing reception problems in the suburb
  • Any plans to connect more than one television to the antenna.

If you’re having signal issues in Tallai, call Home Style Antennas today. We can help ensure you get the best antenna types for your home.

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