Common Antenna Problems in Benowa

Close to the water and quite hilly, many antenna problems in Benowa stem from either rust or interference due to incorrect placement on the home. Some homes also experience issues due to being older properties and the antenna, leads or internal points never being updated.

We’ve outlined the three main issues we see in Benowa homes and how these issues can be fixed.

Old Leads, Points or Antenna

Common Antenna Problems in BenowaOld leads, points and antennas is a very common cause of signal issues in Benowa. With many older homes in the suburb, we tend to see old and damaged antennas that simply need replacing. Like many things, antennas do have a lifespan and once that time is reached, the signal will degrade.

Leads and points will often need updating in time. They can be easily damaged, and again have a limited lifespan before they need replacing. Leads and points are easily replaced.

When we arrive at your property, we will check your signal and then check the antenna, point and leads to identify where the issue is.

Rusted Antennas

When you live closer to the saltwater in Benowa there is the risk that your antenna will eventually rust. When your antenna is rusty, the only option is to replace it to regain your signal. Another problem we see regularly when located near the water is movement and damage to your antenna from high winds. If your antenna has simply moved, we can work out the optimal location and move it back or replace due to damage.


Signal interference is quite common in older suburbs in the Gold Coast. Whether due to hills like in Benowa, or new and larger homes being built, the signal can be easily blocked.

When you contact Home Style Antennas, we’ll look at the landscape around your home, as well as the placement of your antenna. Sometimes it is as simple as changing the location of your antenna, while other times we will need to install a signal booster to ensure you get the best television signal possible.

At Home Style Antennas, we often deal with antenna problems in Benowa, both in older and newer homes. We can fix a range of signal issues on the spot and will make sure you’re happy with your signal before we leave.

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