Common Antenna Problems in Nerang

Common Antenna Problems in NerangBeing an older suburb, we often find issues with old equipment in Nerang homes causing problems with television signal. Combined with new builds potentially interfering with signal, and many houses backing onto state forestry, there are plenty of common antenna problems in Nerang that residents need to deal with.

Old or Damaged Leads from TV to Antenna Socket

People often don’t upgrade and replace their coaxial cables as often as they should. We see plenty of old leads that run from the television to the antenna socket, and this is a big cause of bad TV reception. This is a relatively easy fix and you can have reception back in no time.

Aerial Socket on TV Broken

Sometimes the socket on your TV set itself may be broken. It is important to identify diagnose which part is responsible so that replacement and repairs are easy and obvious.

Old or Damaged Wall Connectors

In older homes, we tend to find old and damaged wall connectors that often play havoc with the television signal. The issue can be either at the connection itself, the lead connecting to the wall plate, or the wires running from the wall plate. If this is the situation at your home, Home Style Antennas can get your wall plates upgraded, and at the same time, we recommend an upgrade to your leads to ensure the best signal quality.

Too Many Televisions Connected

Often, one of the most common antenna problems in Nerang comes from too many televisions using the one antenna. When we look at large family homes, there can be three or four televisions all using one antenna; this significantly dulls the strength of the signal.

If you notice that your reception is up and down depending on how many people are home and how many televisions are running, this could very well be your problem. We can assist by installing a booster to ensure an even share of the signal to every television in your home.

A Blocked Signal

As Nerang residents are well aware, the state forest and surrounding mountains could well be the cause of their signal issue. Unfortunately, we can’t move these things, but at Home Style Antennas we can install an antenna booster that can help increase your signal. We can also look at the placement of your antenna and see if there is a better location that would help increase your signal. Essentially if your “line of sight” to the towers at Mt Tamborine is broken, a blocked signal is possibly your issue.

Have You Re-tuned Your TV Lately?

With the introduction of digital television there are new channels coming online regularly. If your digital tv doesn’t automatically update new channels, this could have an affect on your signal quality. We do recommend giving us a call here at Home Style Antennas – even with something as easy as a retune, some televisions need to be manually retuned while others do it automatically. At the same time, we can check for any other issues that may be causing your signal problems.

The team at Home Style Antennas can help with all your antenna problems in Nerang. Call us today to book a suitable time and we’ll have you back up and running in no time.

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