carraraCarrara is a wonderful suburb to live in, thanks mainly to its rich and vibrant natural scenery. The parks are lovely, the atmosphere is generally peaceful, but at the end of the day it can get a little sleepy. Without much of a night life, residents may find themselves staying home after hours, and this is when you’re most likely to switch on the TV. If you happen to have signal issues, it could end up turning a relaxing night into a frustrating bore!

Although they add to the location’s appeal, the abundance of trees in Carrara can sometimes be the culprit for fuzzy or intermittent signals. And this is why it’s never a good idea to attempt antenna repair yourself – because sometimes no repair is necessary! If there are tall trees or hills impacting the range of your signal, the best solution will often come in the form of a signal booster.

At Home Style Antennas, we guarantee perfect reception by the end of our visit, and to this end there are two types of signal boosters we typically install:

Masthead Amplifiers

This is the kind of booster we will suggest if your issues really are due to trees or other obstructions. With a quick inspection, our experienced team will be able to diagnose whether this is the case, and then power up your weak signal to the max! No matter where in Carrara you live, we can restore your signal back to normal, or possibly even better.

Distribution Amplifiers

These boosters are less common in spaced out areas. You’re more likely to need one if you’re living in a housing complex, for example, and sharing one antenna between multiple houses. However, if you have more than a couple TVs in your home, it’s not unheard of. With one of these, your poor, overworked antenna will have all the help it needs!

Other Potential Issues

But don’t go out and buy your own signal booster just yet. There’s every chance that your issues are actually down to one of the other common issues we see with faulty antennas, including worn out cables, splitters, or wall plates. These can be hidden away, and harder to inspect on your own.

Not to worry though, because our qualified team have the experience to find and fix the problem both quickly and affordably. With same (or next day) service, no call out fees, and a 10% quote beat guarantee, we’ll have your favourite shows on again in record time!

So sit back, relax, and give us a call today on 0431 270 270!

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