Homes in most Gold Coast suburbs suffer from antenna problems, and Robina is no different. Whether you live in an older home or in a townhouse or villa in a complex, there is a chance that at some point you will have an issue with the signal quality coming through your antenna.

Many people think this often means spending big money on replacing their antenna but it could really be quite a simple fix. There are four really common antenna problems Robina homes face that could be the reason behind bad television signal.

Antenna Cable has Deteriorated

Deterioration of the antenna cable is one of the biggest causes of antenna problems, and it could be either the internal or external cable causing the issue. The outside cover of the antenna cable can wear away in the weather and due to age, which then allows water, dust and other contaminants onto the cable, causing issues with the signal.

Antenna Outlet Issues

Another area that can cause issues with signal quality is the antenna outlet. These connectors can become loose or your television may simply not be connected correctly. There could also be issues with the lead into the antenna outlet. If this isn’t installed correctly, then the signal won’t be of good quality.

Old and Broken Fly Leads

This is one of the easiest fixes when it comes to antenna issues. The fly lead is the cable that connects your television with the antenna outlet on the wall. Because these leads get bumped and bent, they are easily broken. These breaks usually occur near the plug. If you have another tv in your home that is working perfectly, you could try swapping the fly lead to see if that helps.

Antenna Directional Issues

On some properties the antenna may not be facing towards the broadcast tower which means the signal quality coming through is quite low. Your antenna may have been installed incorrectly or it could have moved around in wind and storms due to being loose.

At Home Style Antennas we believe in checking the easy fixes before we recommend spending money replacing antennas that are in good condition. It could take as little as 20 minutes to fix your TV signal issues and you’ll be back to watching your favourite shows.

If you’re having signal issues in Robina, call us today.

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