Satellite reception and TV reception are two different things. Due to the nature of cable or satellite transmission, some compression is used, and for this reason a TV antenna will often give a clearer, sharper picture.

An antenna picks up the signal from a transmitter at the TV tower closest to you, then sends that signal to your TV. This is why it’s important to have your antenna pointed in the right direction, and for all your electrical connections to be functional.

This comes down to your location. Depending on where you live, you may need VHF (very high frequency) or UHF (ultra high frequency), and certain natural or man-made obstructions may also necessitate a signal booster.

There are two types of antenna – UHF (ultra high frequency) is commonly used on the Gold Coast, while VHF (very high frequency) is more often used in Brisbane. However, antennas can range in their signal strength, and it is best to contact an expert who has experience installing in your area.

Your antenna should be pointing to the tower which provides the best coverage for your area. There are a couple of towers on the Gold Coast, but it always depends on your location, and an experienced technician will be able to discern the best tower for you.

For antennas on the Gold Coast, the tower on Tamborine Mountain is most commonly used. However, it depends on the location of your home, as there is more than one tower in the vicinity and you may get better reception from another.

Your antenna should be installed on the highest spot of the house, so it will be on the roof. However, for correct positioning and prevention of injuries while installing your antenna, a qualified technician should be contacted.

In order to receive signals efficiently, your antenna will be installed at the highest possible position on your roof. It is always recommended to call a licensed professional for this installation, as they will position your antenna correctly and are insured in the case of injury.

It depends on which TV tower you are using. You will only get the channels which are provided by your particular tower. If you’re on the Gold Coast, you will get the local Gold Coast channels.

This can come down to the suburb you are living in. You may be more likely to need a masthead amplifier if you live on the northside or in the mountains and are surrounded by trees. If you have multiple TV sets or live in a housing complex, you may need a distribution amplifier.

Yes – depending on your location, an amplifier might be the best way to improve a weak signal. Repair or replacement of your antenna will not fix the problem if an amplifier is needed.

An experienced technician will be able to discern the cause of a weak signal and tell you what the best solution is. Often, a special masthead amplifier designed for your area will be the most effective way to boost your signal.

This means you are having reception issues and something is disrupting your signal. Although you may be tempted to google solutions and fix it yourself, the best way to protect against damage to your home or personal injury is to call a technician. We can usually diagnose and fix the problem within a day!

Age is definitely a factor in the performance of your antenna. An old antenna may be rusted or storm damaged, and can result in a bad signal with pixelization. If it is not attached properly to the roof it could also fall, cutting off your signal altogether.

Most likely, the antenna or the booster has stopped working. It may be old, out of date, and needs to be replaced.

Provided your antenna is working correctly, you should be getting all the local channels from the tower already. However, if you know there are channels you should be getting but aren’t, give us a call on 0431 270 270.

There are many reasons an antenna might malfunction. It could be old and out of date, or if it’s not digital it might need an upgrade. Maybe the previous technician didn’t install it properly. But whatever the case may be, we can promise you a working antenna by the end of our visit!

Your antenna may be old, out of date, rusted, or not digital. It may need to be replaced, but a good technician will investigate all other possible causes – such as damaged cables – before suggesting replacement.

If your signal isn’t perfect and it’s getting on your nerves, your antenna may need to be relocated to a different spot on the roof. This is a dangerous job though, and requires an experienced professional to position an antenna correctly. If position isn’t the issue, it may need replacement.

A pixelated picture is the result of reception issues. This means there’s either a problem with your antenna, or with your TV connection, both of which we can diagnose and fix without issue.

If your signal is dropping out, it may be a fault with the antenna itself, but depending on your location there could also be other factors interfering with your reception. Without experience it’s very difficult to tell, so your best bet is to give us a call.

Sometimes, if you live close to a tower, your house will have very good reception, so you yourself become like an antenna! We understand that this can be pretty frustrating though, and we’re happy to discuss the solutions with you.

If your antenna has stopped receiving signals, you could try scanning through the channels on your TV. If it still won’t pick anything up after a few tries, it might need replacing.

Rescanning is a last resort when you have no signal, and is only necessary if you’re experiencing reception issues. If you try to rescan and still can’t get any picture, it’s best to call in the experts. When you call Home Style Antennas on 0431 270 270, you’re guaranteed a perfect signal by the end of our visit!

You can usually find ‘auto-scan’ in the settings of your TV menu. If you’re having difficulty finding it, you can check your TV manual, and if auto-scan is not fixing the issue, give us a call.

All antennas installed on rooves are fitted with a special antenna mount which provides the grounding. This is standard practise, so you don’t need to worry about whether or not your antenna is grounded. If you are experiencing reception issues, this is not the cause, and your antenna will not attract lightning.

Yes – you can buy combination antennas. If this seems like the best solution for you, or if you need further guidance, contact Home Style Antennas for expert advice.

When it comes to TV antennas, no – they can’t interfere with each other. However, multiple TV sets in the same house or workplace may result in bad reception, which is usually fixed with a distribution amplifier.

This is probably due to a reception issue. You may need a signal booster, such as a masthead amplifier, in order to bypass any obstructions between your antenna and the nearest tower. If you’re not picking up the full range of local channels, call us for guidance.

Depending on where you live, a qualified technician will know whether UHF (ultra high frequency) or VHF (very high frequency) is the better option. If you live on the Gold Coast, you are more likely to have a UHF antenna already installed, and if you live in Brisbane you are more likely to have VHF.

No – when a TV antenna is installed according to regulations, there are protective measures taken to ensure it will not attract lightning. Due to standard grounding mounts, any potential strikes would be directed into the ground and away from your home.

No, TV antennas are not dangerous. The only danger involved with antennas occurs when people attempt to fix their own reception issues, either by disturbing faulty cables or climbing up onto their rooves. Due to all the risks involved, it’s always best to call a qualified, experienced, and insured professional to do any antenna repair work on your property.

Once our team at Home Style Antennas have diagnosed the cause of your reception issues and restored your signal, your antenna will work perfectly – guaranteed! By the time we leave, your reception will be back to normal, or even better!

When your antenna is facing the appropriate TV tower for your area, you will get all the local channels provided by that tower. So, if you’ve been without TV for a while thanks to a faulty antenna, call us today on 0431 270 270 and regain access to all your favourite shows!

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