Common Antenna Problems in Paradise Point

Common Antenna Problems in Paradise PointGot home after a long day to find your television signal is gone and you can’t relax before dinner? There are a number of common antenna problems in Paradise Point, but with one phone call to the team at Home Style Antennas, you can be back relaxing in no time

Worn & Damaged Cables

A common antenna problem in Paradise Point is the use of a worn or damaged cable, either internally or externally. If you notice problems with your signal, particularly when raining, this could be the issue. Sometimes these cables can have the outerwear away which exposes the inside of the cable to water, causing issues with the signal. Other times, it may just be that your old cables are worn and need replacing.

Antenna Outlet Issues

An issue we often see, especially in older homes, is a problem with the antenna outlet inside the home. Over time this can become loose which affects the quality of the signal. Usually, this requires a replacement of the antenna outlet, and you are back up and running. After replacing the outlet, we will check your cables and leads to make sure they are in good condition, as well as checking that your signal is working correctly.

Old & Damaged Antenna

An old and damaged antenna is one of the more common antenna problems in Paradise Point. With a large number of older homes in the suburbs, the state of your antenna is generally the first thing we will look at. Being so close to the water, rust is a big issue to damaged antennas.

An old or damaged antenna will only continue to provide a bad signal. Depending on the situation, we may be able to repair any damage, however, if needed, we can also replace your antenna on the same day. Once repaired or replaced, we will tune your television and ensure that you are receiving every station clearly.

Antenna Not Facing Right Direction

Living in a coastal area, we experience some strong winds. After being battered by on-going strong winds, your antenna can move, putting it facing away from the broadcast tower. This then means you have a signal that doesn’t work, or that fades in and out. This is an easy enough fix – we simply pop up on the roof and re-align your antenna to the broadcast tower. We will, of course, check that all your channels are working and that there are no other issues such as those outlined above.

If you’re experiencing one of these common antenna problems in Paradise Point, call Mantas at Home Style Antennas. With same day or next day service and a pensioner discount (as well as a 10% discount to all new clients), we would be happy to get your television signal back to perfect.

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