Why Choose a Qualified Antenna Specialist in Hope Island?

Hope Island is a fantastic suburb to live in here on the Gold Coast. Surrounded by golf courses, with easy access to the water and generally within secure grounds, why wouldn’t you want to live here? When you choose to live in one of the best suburbs on the northern Gold Coast, why not choose a qualified antenna specialist in Hope Island to look after all your television signal and television wall mounting needs.

Antenna Services

Whether your antenna is damaged, old or pointing away from the broadcast tower, we can assist in replacing or repairing. There are plenty of reasons why your antenna may no longer work including rust, storm damage, damage to the cables or simply just being old.

Our team will inspect your antenna, diagnose the issue and then discuss solutions with you, all before going ahead with any work. Once we are finished the job, we’ll make sure you are happy with your signal.

Signal Boosters

Signal boosters can be a great way to increase the quality of the signal in your home, but you need to make sure that firstly the booster will help, and secondly that you choose the right one. A qualified antenna specialist in Hope Island can assist in ensuring you get the right product for your needs. It is unlikely you will need a masthead amplifier in Hope Island as there is very little interference, however if you run more than two televisions in your home, you may need to install a distribution amplifier.

We can assist in checking whether you will need an amplifier, installing one correctly and then setting up your televisions to ensure they receive the best signal possible. Installing a signal booster when you don’t need one, or installing the wrong signal booster, can leave you with worse signal than you are already receiving.

Wall Mounting

Prefer clean lines and to have your television at perfect viewing level? Wall mounting your tv may be what you have been looking for. We certainly don’t recommend wall mounting your own television. Apart from being difficult to wall mount and risking damaging your television, you also risk damaging your wall as well as potentially any electrics, such as cables, that sit behind the wall.

All you need to let us know is the location you would like your television and we’ll do the rest including checking for load bearing walls and making sure your television mount is correctly attached to the wall. It is also a good idea to hide the cables away in the wall. Not only does this provide a clean look, but it takes the cables out of the reach of little hands.

When dealing with your antenna and television signal, it is always best to use a qualified antenna specialist in Hope Island. Call the team at Home Style Antennas to book today.

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