Best Antenna Types in Merrimac

With so many different types of antennas on the market, it can be difficult to know which type is best for your home. If your television signal isn’t great, and you’ve tried other solutions, it might be time to change your antenna. But this isn’t a job you should take on lightly. Hiring a qualified antenna repairer is best when needing an antenna replaced in Merrimac.

There are three main types of antennas available – Yagi, Log-periodic and Phased array. The type that will be installed on your property varies depending on a number of issues including:

  • The channels you require
  • The strength of the signal required
  • Any existing reception problems in the suburb
  • Any plans to connect more than one television to the antenna.

The Yagi antenna is one of the most common antenna types in Merrimac, and offers a high signal strength. This means it may be a good option if you have more than one television hooked up in your home.

The Log-periodic antenna will provide you with a better signal and is often used in areas where the Yagi antenna doesn’t receive clear signal. A Phased array signal isn’t used as often in suburban areas like Merrimac. These antennas are often used when the home is quite a distance from the broadcast tower.

There are a couple of ways that your antenna repairer will decide on the best antenna types in your Merrimac home. Firstly, they will look at how far away you are from the broadcast tower and whether you need a smaller or larger antenna and then they will look at the channels you wish to view. They will also look at the quality of the signal you wish to achieve and how many televisions will be using the antenna. Finally, they will decide whether having a directional or omni-directional antenna is best for your needs.

You can see just from this short list why it is important to have an antenna specialist work on your Merrimac home. But there are plenty of other reasons why to choose a specialist like Home Style Antennas, with one of the biggest reasons being that we are experienced in replacing antennas as well as being insured. You won’t need to worry about getting up on a roof, and potentially hurting yourself while you work out how to install a new antenna.

If your signal quality isn’t the best, call Home Style Antennas. We can work with you to find out the best antenna type for your Merrimac home.

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