Install a signal booster for better TV reception

Do you share an antenna with your next door neighbour? Are you located in a more rural area of the Gold Coast? If you aren’t getting quality television reception, you might need a signal booster installed.

While signal boosters aren’t always a necessity, especially if you live within a strong signal area, there are times when they will certainly come in handy.

TV Antenna Signal Booster

There are two main types of signal boosters commonly used:

Masthead amplifier

A masthead amplifier can help if you live in an area with poor coverage or are in an area surrounded by trees or large buildings that can contribute to weakening the TV signals.

Distribution amplifier

Distribution amplifiers are a good option if you have a number to television sets in your home or business that are all sharing the one antenna.

Before we install any signal boosters or amplifiers on your home, we will check for old cables, splitters and wall plates that may be playing havoc on your television. The last thing we want is for you to spend money having a booster installed only for it not to work due to other issues.

Along with signal antenna boosters, we also repair and replace television antennas and can wall mount your television. We offer a 10% quote beat guarantee as well as pensioner discounts.

If you think you have a weak signal and need to increase signal strength with an installed signal booster. We install digital TV antenna signal boosters for Gold Coast locals. Call 0431 270 270 for FREE Quote!

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