5 Common Antenna Problems in Broadbeach

When you live closer to the coast, it’s not unusual to be surprised when you start to get signal issues on your television. Unfortunately living in an urban area is not a guarantee for a strong signal, especially if you live in a beachside suburb like Broadbeach.

Antenna Cable Degrading

Antenna Service in Broadbeach

This is a really common cause of antenna issues and can be a really simple fix to your signal issues. The antenna cable can degrade at anywhere along the line from the antenna to the inside outlet so sometimes you won’t see the issue. Outside, the cable is open to the weather, and you’ll often notice issues when it is raining or windy.

Outlet Issues

Signal issues don’t need to be just caused by the antenna. The outlet inside your home can also cause signal issues if the connector becomes loose. There can also be issues in the cable from your outlet to your television which may cause signal interruption. Again, this is a relatively easy fix that Home Style Antennas can assist you with.

Damaged Fly Leads

Fly leads are what connects your antenna to your wall outlet and then onto the back of the television. These can be easily damaged over time and can cause issues with the signal to your television. At Home Style Antennas, we’ll check your fly leads as part of our process in restoring your television signal.

Old and Damaged Antenna

When you live near the ocean, it is quite easy for your antenna to become damaged – high winds and salt air are just some of the many ways your antenna can become damaged. It is also possible that your antenna is just old and needs replacing.

Antenna Not Tuned to Broadcast Tower

When the broadcast locations changed on the Gold Coast, many home owners needed to change the direction their antenna was facing. If you never did this, it is quite possible there is a simple fix of changing the location of your antenna. Weather such as high wind may also slightly change the direction your antenna is facing, which can be just enough to cause a bad signal.

Unit blocks and high rises will have their own issues with television signals and often this can be solved by replacing the leads and cables to the apartment. These common antenna problems in Broadbeach are generally easy to fix so, if you’re putting up with terrible television signal in Broadbeach, call Home Style Antennas – we’ll get your signal working again with minimal fuss.

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