Why Choose a Qualified Antenna Specialist in Ashmore?

Why Choose a Qualified Antenna Specialist in AshmoreAshmore is a popular central Gold Coast suburb and with many homeowners undertaking renovations or doing knock down and rebuilds, you could find that your television signal has suddenly gone from good to bad. If you need your television signal looked at, you need to speak to a qualified antenna specialist in Ashmore to get you up and running again.

What can an antenna specialist do?

Install new antennas

Home Style Antennas will test your signal and confirm if the issue is with your antenna. If so, we can replace the antenna with the best option available and in your budget. There are some different styles which means you’ll find one to suit your home style. We will then wire up the antenna, ensure your channels are working and leave you to catch up on your favourite shows.

Fix reception issues

Having signal issues? If we find the issue isn’t with your antenna, we can track down where the signal issue is coming from. We may need to replace the fly leads or cable to the television from the antenna, or it could be as simple as replacing the wall connector. Once repaired, we will perform a signal test to make sure you have full reception back.

Install extra TV points

Kids still at home or wanting their own televisions? If you only have the one point in the house, we can install extra television points in the rooms you need them to let everyone watch what they want. We’ll also ensure your antenna can send the signal to multiple TV sets without losing quality.

Install antenna amplifiers

Signal dropping out and everything seems to be in good condition? Often drops outs can be also caused by trying to run too many televisions off the one antenna or your signal is being blocked. We don’t recommend installing an amplifier without a qualified antenna specialist in Ashmore. Installing the wrong amplifier can make the situation worse.

Wall mount televisions

Have you recently purchased or renovated a home in Ashmore and wanting to wall mount your television? Home Style Antennas can help you with this. We can professionally wall mount your television ensuring it is in the best position for the best viewing. Wall mounting your television yourself can end in disaster with either a damaged TV or a damaged wall. Home Style Antennas will make sure the mount is correct for your TV and the wall you want to mount it on is strong enough to hold.

If you’ve got signal problems, choose a qualified antenna specialist in Ashmore. Home Style Antennas can help get your signal back with a 10% discount for all new clients and flexible service to fit around your schedule.

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