Used for transmitting signals from a broadcasting service to our televisions, a TV antenna ensures a clean watching experience and uninterrupted broadcasting of our favourite programs.

Working much like a radiator that creates an electromagnetic field, antennas transmit electromagnetic signals into electric signals to broadcast audio and video programs.

The hot and humid climate on the Gold Coast can cause several issues in your antenna system;  antenna repair services are common across the Gold Coast.

Different Types of Antenna Services


There are a variety of antenna services on offer on the Gold Coast, with the below being the most common.

New TV Antenna Installation

This is one of the jobs we do the most here at Home Style Antennas – installing new television antennas. Whether you intend to install a digital antenna, directional antenna, dipole antenna, patch antenna, microstrip antenna, sector antenna, or dish antenna; we can organise a quote and consultation. Of course, if you have no idea what type of antenna you need to get the best reception – we can sort that out as well.

Before installing a new TV antenna, we will be a check your cables, TV points and wires to check whether the antenna itself is actually the issue.

Antenna Repair and Maintenance Services

Antenna repair and maintenance services are also among the most important antenna services we offer. Regular repair and maintenance can prolong the life of your old antenna. If you’re having issues with your TV signal, give us a call. We can check the quality and strength of TV signals and recommend the best option to get you back watching your favourite show.

Antenna Upgrades

Rapidly changing technology has brought innovations in antenna systems around the world. Modern digital antennas have better signal reception for taking your video playing experience to the next level. You can upgrade your old antenna and control TV signal reception problems. New antennas may support extra TV points and ensure the smooth reach of signals at every point in the home or office.

TV Wall Mounting

While not strictly antenna-based, at Home Style Antennas we can wall mount your television to give you the best viewing. Whether you want to replace your current wall-mounted TV or looking to mount one for the first time, we can work with you to work out the best location, not only for the best viewing but to also ensure that we aren’t drilling into cables in the wall. We can also run your television cables through the wall to hide them from view.

Why Do We Need A Quality Antenna

The primary objective of TV aerial installation is bettering the transmission of TV signals from service providers to your TV. At Home Style Antennas, we recommend the installation of a quality antenna for the following.

Better Signal Reception

One of the main reasons for a quality antenna is better television signals. Your picture and sound quality will always be better with a high-quality antenna, and because they are made well, you will have fewer signal issues in the future.

Weather Resistant

With the tropical weather we get on the Gold Coast, older antennas and cables can rust. A good quality antenna can be weather resistant, which means it will last longer. It is of course beneficial to understand the type of antenna you need to get the best signal quality.

Little to No Maintenance Required

Installing a new high-quality antenna will help you avoid continuous repairs and maintenance. As antennas get older they need more maintenance and repairs to continue to get good quality signals. A new antenna will save you time and money on repairs and maintenance.

Are you having trouble with the signal quality on your television? For installations and repairs anywhere on the Gold Coast, speak to the friendly and professional team at Home Style Antennas. We offer a range of services including antenna installation, antenna repairs, maintenance, and tv wall mounting.

Call us for a quote – we offer new clients a 10% discount.