If you’re currently renovating, planning, or are just looking to increase your internet availability in your residence or place of business it can often be a bit of a slog if you’re unsure about what to do, whether its WiFi or Ethernet, there are a few steps that need to be taken when considering installing a new data point, below we’ll take a quick look at what data point installation is, when its needed and where a point should be installed.

A data point installation is used to extend the connection of wireless and wired internet networks to join with another port, however, this isn’t solely just for the internet, this can be used for a phone point in the home or office for example when you need additional phone ports throughout an office building without running wires everywhere.

Data Point Installation

Network cabling and data cable installation can increase your home of businesses access to your network, whether it be for phone or internet, or so that appliances in your home and office can access a sustained connection, a data point in the right place can make all the difference in the world, too often we see data points that are installed in the wrong locations that actually hinder access to the ports and result in an unstable or ineffective network within the home or office.

Likewise, data points mean that you won’t have cables running throughout your house, instead, they are installed through the walls and floor so that the only thing you see is the data point itself, this is a great benefit to busy offices or homes where cables can easily become a hazard and also allows for a tidier workplace and home.

While one of the key values of a data point is that it is a great idea for busy workplaces, it can also help to enhance your workplace by increasing network coverage when there are multiple computers and devices on the same network, it should be noted however that a data point is not a substitute for a modem or router, you will still need to have a central location where your connections are made, data points simply allow for more connections to join the network from different rooms/offices.

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