If you’ve just moved into a new home, renovated your old home or found out your television reception isn’t as good as what it should be, you need to organise digital TV antenna installation. Without a digital antenna, you won’t pick  up the multiple free to air stations on the Gold Coast, leaving you with very little option for TV watching when you want to relax. Whether you live in a home west of the M1, or a townhouse on the water, Home Style Antennas can get your television reception up and running by installing a digital TV antenna.

Organising the installation of your new TV antenna should be quick and easy, but sometimes finding the right person to do it can take some time. We suggest speaking to a number of antenna specialists to ensure you’re getting the best product to meet both your television watching needs and your budget. Some installers will suggest expensive products that you don’t need, while others will only use cheap products that you will need to replace quickly. With such a range of options available, Home Style Antennas can suggest and install the right product for your home.

Installing the TV antenna isn’t the only step. Your antenna specialist will come inside your home to see the placement of your television, how many television sets you have, and the location of the internal antenna points. Many will also ensure the check the quality of your TV to antenna cable, as well as checking the antenna points to ensure they are in good condition.  Once they install the new antenna, they will come back inside, hook up your televisions and tune in the stations. It is at this point you should make sure you are happy with the level of reception being received across all the television sets in your home.

Home Style Antennas provides an extensive range of antenna services as well as wall mounting and TV signal booster services. We offer a quality service at an affordable price, with a quote and our new clients will receive at 10% discount.

If you’re in the market for a new digital TV antenna installation or simply need a repair, give us a call to arrange a quote.