As with any trade, there are common antenna services performed on the Gold Coast by qualified antenna repair specialists. We understand that one of the most frustrating things at the end of a long day is that your TV reception no longer works correctly when you go to sit and watch your favourite show. Often, the issue is due to a common problem that can be fixed with general antenna services.

Common Antenna Repair Services

Below, you’ll find some of the more common antenna repair services we perform here on the Gold Coast. Some of them are really easy fixes, others require a little more work.

Cable Issues

It’s really common to see deteriorated cables, either the ones connecting your television to your antenna point, or from your antenna wall outlet to the actual antenna. Often the first thing we do is check that there is no wear or breakage on the cable, and no issues at the wall point.

Connection Issues

Are your cables loose at the wall connection or are they tight? Over the years, these connections can become loose so often need replacing.

Antenna Positioning

While the first two common issues you can check yourself, this one is a little more difficult. Antenna repair specialists know which way your antenna should be facing and can change the direction if needed. Sometimes antennas can get blown around in storms, particularly if they are loose on the roof, while other times it may be that trees are now in the path of the signal or a new building is blocking it. Often, this can be fixed by either slightly moving your antenna or increasing the height.

Old Antenna

The final issue of course is that your antenna is old and needs replacing. Like everything else, antennas have a lifespan, and broadcasting changes can make your old antenna defunct. If your antenna does need upgrading, Home Style Antennas will replace with a quality antenna that suits your needs and your budget.

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