Imagine, you’re sitting there watching the Boxing Day test match and your TV loses signal. Just as we’re about to get a hat-trick. Frustrating right?

There is nothing worse than bad TV reception when you finally get a chance to sit down and relax.

Television signal interruptions can happen whether you have an old antenna or a newer model, however consulting with an antenna repairer is your best option. But how to choose the best service provider?

Installation Services

If you have recently moved to a new home or want to replace your old antenna installation, choose installation and repair services for better signals and uninterrupted video and audio streams. Almost every antenna installation service in Gold Coast offer the following services:

antenna services

  • Antenna Installation and TV tuning to ensure better TV signals
  • Wall-mounted TV installations
  • Satellite and Digital TV antenna installation
  • Installation of TV reception points
  • Recommendation and installation of TV signal boosters to solve reception problems in homes with more than two TV sets
Antenna Repair Services

Finding the most suitable antenna repair service can be challenging on the Gold Coast. In a city that is growing rapidly, getting a tradesperson out quickly is getting tougher, however when choosing an antenna repairer, you should choose someone that offers the following services.

Checking of TV Points

The first and foremost service TV installation and repair companies offer is the checking of TV points at various places in the home. Weak signals may be due to rusting of TV points. When you are living in an area with a tropical environment, it is common to replace the old TV points with the new ones at regular intervals.

Test Existing Cables and Splitters

Digital TV antennas include cables and splitters that may also cause a signal loss in your living space. Always select a repair service with expert technicians that can inspect cable from antenna to your TV as well as the splitters to ensure strong signals to all TVs in the home.

The use of signal boosters is common in Gold Coast to watch good quality videos on TV, however it is important to have the installation of the boosters checked and to keep in mind that plugging in and out of the antenna cable to and from the booster can cause issues.

Recommend Antenna

Sometimes, weak signals are due to the wrong selection of the antenna and transmitters or a bad previous antenna installation. A good antenna repairer will recommend the most suitable antenna and transmitter for your home. The repair service personnel will also inspect external interference, 4G interference from telephone and mobile towers, and correct mounting position on the roof.

Things to Keep in Mind

When you realise that you have reception problems, keep the following things in your mind while choosing the best repair service:

  • It should have expert antenna technicians
  • Offers reliable services
  • Provides prompt customer service
  • Deals in both installation and repair services
  • Have market experience of more than 5 years
  • Ensures quality services at an affordable rate
  • Gives obligation-free quote before starting work

Choosing the right antenna installation and repair service can make your life much easier. If you can’t decide on a repairer, take time to consult with family and friends for their recommendations.  You can also check online reviews of the customers before hiring the antenna installation and repair service.

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