Do you feel frustrated at picture breakup or freeze while watching TV? If yes, you may need a digital TV antenna booster to increase signal strength for clear audio and video reception. A digital antenna booster can help enhance the audio-video quality and help your TV catch many channels that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to access. Modernism in buildings and household equipment makes it difficult for the TV signals to reach every corner of your living space. The issue becomes severe where there are more than one TV sets in a house. The digital TV antenna booster comes into play in these situations. If you face any of the below-given issues, TV antenna booster is the only solution to these issues.

TV Wall Points

One of the frequent reasons for weak TV signals and signal losses is multiple TV wall points. There are many TV wall points to install TVs in large houses or commercial buildings in different places. Installation of more points splits TV signals and weakens it. As a result, audio and video broadcasting begin to cut. However, the intensity of cutting depends on how strong the signals were in the start. A digital TV antenna booster strengthens the signals and ensures strong signals to all wall points in your home or commercial space.

Distance from Signal Transmitters

You also need a digital TV antenna booster if your residence is considerably distant from signal transmitters. The result is the weak signal reception because of too many nodes in the way. However, many digital service providers solve this issue by increasing the number of transmitters in that area. It is still better to install a digital TV antenna booster to ensure strong signals for uninterrupted services.

Interference & Signal Losses

Interference in the TV signals is another cause of weak signal reception and breakage of audio videos. It is mostly due to large building structures in the cities and towns. Also, if you live in hilly areas, the signals become weak. A digital TV antenna booster is a blessing for the people living in large cities and hilly areas.

Faulty Antennas

Sometimes, you install a new digital antenna, but the signals are weak due to faulty antenna or error in installation. It is even more frustrating to receive weak signals instead of purchasing a new one. A digital TV antenna booster comes to rescue once again. It boosts signal reception and ensures uninterrupted transmission.

If you’re having issues with your TV signal, a digital antenna booster may be the solution. Call Home Style Antennas and see how we can help.