Did you purchase a brand new TV recently? Is bad TV reception and fuzzy pictures a constant in your life? Frustrating isn’t it? Don’t worry there may be an easy solution to your problem: a TV antenna amplifier. An amplifier increases the strength of your TV signals so you can have a crystal clear reception, without disruption 24/7.

Here are some indicators that you need a TV antenna amplifier.

Reception problems- 24/7 Disruption

Does the picture on your digital TV usually freeze up? A lousy reception may be the culprit you’re looking for. Several reasons can cause you to have bad reception, including:

  • Faults with the overall antenna set-up:

Loose cables and faulty aerials are common installation problems that lead to bad reception.

  • Unfavourable weather:

High pressure and heavy rainfall are key weather problems that may cause you to have a lousy reception.

  • Signal transmitters too far away:

Signals get weaker as the distance between antenna and transmitter increases.

Amplifier- Say Goodbye to Lousy Signals

Firstly, you’ll need an experienced technician to detect the actual problem behind the bad signal you’re getting. If they confirm that the bad signal quality is really because of a weak signal and not just because of installation issues, it’s time to start thinking about getting a high-quality amplifier for your antenna to boost up your TV signals.

Amplifiers are designed to take weak and barely-there signals and amplify them to a degree that is easy to catch for your antenna. Your antenna and TV are then able to show pictures and broadcast channels of your preference without any issues. TV antenna amplifiers work in a similar way to audio amplifiers and boosters that make light noise louder and easier to hear.

Different Kinds of Amplifiers

Masthead amplifiers: Masthead amplifiers are small black or grey boxes attached to the lower part of antennas, they are commonly used in Australia. You use these kinds of amplifiers when you live in an area with bad coverage with large buildings and trees.

Distribution amplifiers: They are a lot bigger than masthead amplifiers and are often installed on roofs. Usually, multiple antennas from different houses can be attached to a single amplifier.

Is bad reception a constant headache for you? Ready to install a brand new TV antenna amplifier? Speak to us today and see how we can help you get a better signal.