Although, ultimately, the choice of antenna or cable TV is up to you, there are ways of comparing the two which will make your choice easier. For instance: Which is cheaper? Which gives the best picture? And how many channels can I get on each?

Rarely, an antenna might need repair work or upgrades, as it is subject to age and interference. Storms may knock it out of alignment, or built-up areas could necessitate a signal booster. However, for the most part, an antenna is free, while cable will generally cost a set amount every month. This might be a clear win for antennas, but other comparisons aren’t as simple.

Comparing your viewing experience

Due to the nature of cable or satellite transmission, some compression is used, and for this reason a TV antenna will often give a clearer, sharper picture. For those who enjoy programs available on both antenna and cable TV, such as sporting events, your preference here may depend on how much you value high definition in your viewing experience.

However, there are many channels available on cable which you cannot get with antennas alone. Your antenna will pick up locally broadcast networks, which may include dozens of options, while a paid cable connection is likely to offer hundreds. If your time in front of the TV is not extensive, and staple channels will suffice, an antenna is the way to go. Often, people with cable do end up paying for a lot of channels they never watch.

Where to get expert advice

At Home Style Antennas, we install and repair antennas daily, so we’re happy to answer any queries you may have. If you’re happy to stick with antenna TV but are having issues with your picture, or you’re not picking up as many channels as you think you should, our licenced and insured team will provide a convenient, affordable service. We turn up when we say we will, and offer 10% quote beat guarantees!

So, for installations, repairs, digital upgrades or even TV wall mounting, get in contact with us on 0431 270 270 today!