Whether you’re involved with a new build, need a replacement antenna, or want to know how to improve your signal, we can help you install the right antenna for the job. Here at Home Style Antennas, our experienced team install and repair antennas all over the Gold Coast every day, so we know what’s needed for every area.

The type will usually come down to location, with homes in the city often requiring VHF (very high frequency) and homes in the suburbs requiring UHF (ultra high frequency). There are also issues like natural or manmade obstructions which may necessitate a signal booster.

Will I need a signal booster?

There are two different kinds of signal boosters for two different situations. If you do have issues with obstructions around your home, such as lots of trees or tall buildings, your signal may benefit from a masthead amplifier. This kind of booster will be able to pick up the frequencies that are being blocked, so you’ll get clear reception no matter where you’re located.

The other situation where boosters might be needed is in houses or places of business with multiple TV sets all utilising the same antenna. This kind of overload might result in some TVs getting better reception than others, which can be resolved with a distribution amplifier. Either way, Home Style Antennas will always check if a booster is necessary before recommending one.

Why you can trust us with your antenna

Rather than risking your life by climbing up onto the roof to install an antenna yourself, or possibly damaging your home by attempting to find and replace faulty cables, it is always recommended to seek help from insured professionals for all your antenna needs. And with Home Style Antennas, you won’t find better service at a more affordable price in your area!

Along with new installations and repairs, we help with digital antenna issues and upgrades, as well as TV wall mounting. So, if you need expert advice, get in contact with us today and expect a 10% quote beat guarantee!