One of the questions we get asked quite regularly is “what channels will my antenna get?”. This usually comes from home owners who are upgrading their antenna, and from those who have relied solely on pay tv for a number of years. The answer is really simple – with a good quality television antenna, you should have no problems receiving all free-to-air channels that are broadcast on the Gold Coast.

The channels that you can expect for your antenna to pick up here on the Gold Coast, include:

  • ABC
  • SBS
  • Seven
  • Nine
  • Ten
  • Prime
  • WIN

The last two, Prime and WIN, are often broadcast from Northern NSW rather than from Queensland, so you may notice that the further north up the Gold Coast you are, the lower quality these stations may be.

In general, most of the Gold Coast will receive their broadcast of the various channels from Mount Tamborine, and occasionally Springbrook. For those on the southern end of the Gold Coast, broadcasts may come from Currumbin.

If you are purchasing a new smart TV, it pays to ensure that it will pick up free to air channels without requiring an external tuner. While some smart TV’s will automatically pick up free to air, others won’t and will end up costing you more to get the right equipment.

Problems Picking Up Free to Air TV

One of the biggest problems in picking up the various free to air channels is your location and whether there is a building, trees or mountains blocking the line of signal from your property. The other, of course, is a bad quality antenna. If you find your television signal is of poor quality, it’s time to get the issue investigated. Whether you need a new antenna, new cables, or your antenna has simply moved during high winds, the team at Home Style Antennas can assist. Call today for a quote.