One question we get asked regularly is “how much does a digital antenna cost?”. Often our customers are speaking about repairing their digital antenna, but it can also be asked when their antenna needs to be replaced. Unfortunately the answer isn’t as straight forward as it seems, as the cost to replace or repair a digital television antenna can be based on a number of things.

Let’s look at what influences the cost of a digital antenna.

Firstly, the repair or replacement cost will vary depending on where you live on the Gold Coast and the strength of signal you need to get quality reception on your television. We always aim to achieve the best possible signal for our customers.

Costs can also vary depending on the type of building you have – single story home, double story home, high rise apartment, commercial building and so on – as well as access to the antenna. These factors will change how much cable needs to be run, or whether extra materials and supplies need to be used to deliver a quality signal.

When looking at costs to replace your digital antenna, costs can vary wildly. Now these are just approximate prices, but a cheap antenna can cost between $150-$250 and there is no guarantee you will get a quality signal; a better quality antenna is around $400. Depending on your location, you may then need a booster, which can be between $300 to $500.

Depending on how much work needs to be done, and your location, you will usually be charged a flat rate instead of an hourly fee. At Home Style Antennas, we try to keep our costs as budget friendly as possible, but we will never install inferior products on your home.

If you are looking for a repair or replacement digital antenna cost, please give us a call and we will happily offer you an approximate cost.