If it is time to replace the television antenna on your home, you might be wondering what the best antenna location on the Gold Coast is. If your signal has been getting worse recently, it may be time to consider whether the location has had a role to play.

The quality of your signal is very dependent on the placement of your antenna. The ideal location for most people is of course on the roof of your home – but what part of the roof? There are a few key factors when looking for the best antenna location on your Gold Coast home.


The height of your antenna is quite critical in the level of signal you will receive. The higher the antenna is on your Gold Coast home, the better the signal will be. This could mean placing your antenna at the highest point on your roof, or it could mean using an antenna that has more length than others.


Generally antennas need to be pointed at the broadcast towers to obtain the best signal. Your antenna installer will know where the broadcast towers are in relation to your home, and install your antenna pointing in that direction. They will then scan the channels on your television for signal quality and make any adjustments as required.


While your antenna might be pointed in the right direction and located in the best spot on your roof, obstructions play a large role in the quality of your signal. If there is anything solid or bulky between your Gold Coast antenna and the broadcast tower, your signal quality is going to be affected. This includes trees, mountains, hills and other buildings.

If you’re having trouble with your antenna signal on the Gold Coast, the team at Home Style Antennas can get you sorted. Whether it’s a repair or a replacement, your signal will be back up and running in no time, without a huge hit on your budget.