When you’re looking for the best spot for your TV, wall television placement is a popular option amongst both home owners and renters. Placing your TV on the wall allows for that minimal look, and if you are building or own your own home, you have the option to hide the cords and cables within the wall cavity, keeping everything tidy and out of the way of small hands.

When selecting a television for ultimate viewing, you should consider the latest version of 4K resolution, QLED or MicroLED TVs as they offer stunning picture quality and home entertainment capabilities. The size of the TV is also important – make sure to choose a screen size that will fit perfectly in your living room while also complementing the existing version of the wall. If you want to take it a step further, you could even look into the latest MicroLED technology for a truly immersive viewing experience.

But, you shouldn’t just place your television anywhere on your wall. There are a few things you need to consider to the ultimate viewing.

3 Best Wall Television Placement Tips

You Need a Power Source

If you are going to be wall mounting your television, you need a power source close by. The last thing you want are cables running down the wall and then across the skirting boards to the closest power point. This may mean you need to install an additional power point, and this can often be done at a point behind the television so it is hidden from view. It isn’t just enough to make sure there is a power point for your television though. You need to ensure that there is enough power outlets available for any additional devices you might have connected. On top of this, you need to ensure that  you won’t get any glare through windows.


It is important to be able to see your television straight on, rather than having to strain your neck to look up or down at the TV. A good distance off the ground is approximately 4 foot or around 120cm. You can then multiple the width of the screen to get the best distance from your lounge area to ensure you aren’t straining your eyes too much.

Load Bearing on Walls

This is a really important factor of where wall television placement – can your wall handle the weight? Televisions, even the lightest ones, can be quite heavy, and you will usually need to choose a wall that has studs to be able to anchor the screws in place. This is where an expert comes in handy. Home Style Antennas can help you find the best placement for your wall mounted television and ensure it is correctly secured to stop any damage to your walls.

Wall mounted televisions can look fantastic but you need to ensure you have the best wall television placement, both for viewing purposes and to stop damage to your home. If you’d like to wall mount your TV, call Home Style Antennas for a consult and quote.