Depending on where you live on the Gold Coast, you may find that your television signal issues are fixed with a TV antenna signal booster. But it isn’t as easy as just installing a booster and away you go. You need to ensure that firstly there is no booster already installed that needs repairing or replacing, then you need to consider which booster is best for your situation. Then finally you need to consider whether you actually need a booster or whether it will make your signal worse.

Masthead Amplifier Boosters

A masthead amplifier is usually a small grey or black plastic box attached to the antenna pole. The wires run from the antenna to the box and then a lead runs into the house. However, just because you can’t see this doesn’t mean you don’t have a masthead amplifier installed. Sometimes they are hidden in a roof cavity; there are also other devices that look similar to these amplifiers.

A masthead amplifier simply takes in the signal from the antenna, and then sends it out, to your home, at a higher level. These amplifiers can help if you have poor coverage or are surrounded by trees and buildings that affect the quality of your signal.

Distribution Amplifier Boosters

Distribution amplifiers tend to be used where there are numerous TV outlets – generally in homes with 4 or more television outlets, in duplexes where two properties share the same antenna or in a block of flats. These amplifiers are usually located within the roof, or within cupboards or service areas.

Essentially, a distribution amplifier will boost the signal to multiple television outlets, covering the signal losses from standard antenna systems.

The downsides of TV antenna signal boosters is that they may not improve your signal quality and can make the situation worse. Incorrect use or using faulty amplifiers can cause interference not only to your television signal, but also to mobile phone reception and two-way radio systems. It’s not just your signal that can be affected! You could potentially affect the television signal and mobile phone reception of your neighbours.

If you’re looking for ways to increase your television in your Gold Coast home, speak to Home Style Antennas about the best TV antenna signal boosters for your home.