When it comes to good quality television signal, so much comes down to the quality of your antenna. If your antenna isn’t in great condition, you certainly won’t be getting quality TV. Many common signal complaints come down to the antenna, and on the Gold Coast antenna repairs fall into a couple of areas.

Common Antenna Repairs on the Gold Coast

There are four main antenna repairs that we regularly do on the Gold Coast. These are generally down to age and wear and tear, however sometimes they may be due to weather events such as high wind.

Cable Issues

Deterioration of the cables that connect your TV to the wall outlet is a major cause of signal quality issues. Check for any wear and tear on the cables including breakage to the casing, bends and rusted connections.

Connection Issues

Occasionally the wall connection itself can be an issue. The plugging in of different televisions over the years could loosen or damage the connection which means the signal won’t be getting through from your antenna in its full quality.

Positioning of Antenna

While your antenna may have always been in the correct positioning, weather events such as storms and high wind can knock your antenna about, potentially moving it from its optimal position. Other issues that interfere with the positioning of your antenna is if there are new buildings or overgrown trees blocking the line of signal. If the blockage is something that you cannot fix (new building for example), you may need to replace your antenna with a taller one, or install an amplifier to get better quality signal.

Old Antenna

Homeowners don’t tend to think about the quality of their antenna. Generally it’s a case of not regularly checking the antenna to ensure it is still in good condition. If your antenna is quite old, or simply in really bad condition, it may be a case of just replacing it rather than attempting a repair.

If you’re having antenna issues on the Gold Coast, Home Style Antennas can assist you with all your repair and replacement needs. Contact us today and we’ll get your quality television signal back.