With so many antenna repairers on the Gold Coast, it can be difficult to find a quality business that can replace and service antennas on Gold Coast homes, as well as caring about their work and their customers.

Home Style Antennas is a family owned business located on the Gold Coast, specialising in antenna repairs and replacements as well as other television services including wall mounting of your television or projector.

What Type of Antennas Can You Service or Repair?

We work with residential and commercial properties, as well as body corporates and real estate agencies to ensure everyone is getting good quality signal.

Residential services: We can install and repair antennas and signal boosters on your home, as well as wall mounting any television in your home. Our aim is to ensure you have clear reception wherever you live on the Gold Coast.

Commercial services: If you are looking for a way to keep your clients entertained while they wait we can set your antenna up to ensure a clear signal. If you share an antenna with other businesses, we’ll happily set you up with a signal booster, to ensure a better reception.

Body Corporates: Are you having issues with television reception in a residential or commercial building you manage? Home Style Antennas can assist in ensuring every apartment or work place gets the best TV reception possible. We can also wall mount any TV’s in an aim to minimise damage from occupiers and visitors.

Real estate agents: Are your tenants complaining about poor quality television service? If they have everything set up correctly, it may be an antenna issue. Home Style Antennas can work with your tenants to find a suitable day and time to repair or replace the antenna or signal booster. No more complaints!

Trades: We work with a range of builders on new home builds and renovations, installing the correct antenna services to ensure a good signal for the property owners.

If you have antennas that need servicing on the Gold Coast, Home Style Antennas has the knowledge and the professionalism to get the job done with no fuss. Contact us for a quote today.