Homeowners tend to like doing odd repairs around the home, repairing their faulty equipment on their own (and many of us love to do it to save money and time searching for a tradesperson). But repairing your TV antenna on the roof should be one job that’s avoided by the inexperienced – calling in a professional antenna repairer is safer, and in the long run could save you a lot of money.

Repairing a television antenna not only requires considerable technical expertise, but it may also be quite dangerous if you have no experience in working at heights or of roof safety. It is certainly no exaggeration to suggest that a single wrong step may cost you your life.

What are the risks associated with repairing antennas on your own?

There are a few risks associated with repairing your TV antenna which make it clear why you should  leave it to the experts.

Weather and antenna repair: When replacing or repairing a TV antenna, weather conditions should always be considered. While it’s obvious sense to avoid getting on a roof in rainy or snowy weather, the intensity of the winds can also have an influence on roof safety. If the wind is only very light, it may be feasible to reach a roof for antenna maintenance, but anything more must be avoided.

Equipment adjustment: While working on a roof, professional TV antenna repairmen are constantly conscious of where they store their equipment and supplies. Apart from the risk of a tool being a trip hazard to the repairer, a poorly placed tool can potentially slide off the roof and strike someone on the ground. When a tool or piece of equipment falls from a great height, it might cause serious injury.

Body positioning: The way you need to position your body while working on the roof to repair your TV antenna is also of utmost importance. Working in an unstable body position increases the danger of a you being blown off the roof by a strong gust of wind or losing your balance due to a slip.

A lot of risks are associated with trying to repair your TV antenna on your own without any professional assistance. A roof may be a dangerous place if you’re inexperienced and don’t have the proper safety equipment, so it’s best to leave it to the professionals.

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