You’ve spent the money and had the best TV antenna equipment installed in your home. But you’re still suffering from bad reception. Just what is happening?

Sometimes it isn’t the equipment itself that isn’t working – sometimes there can be some simple tricks to help you get the best reception from your antenna. Below, we’ve outlined just a few of the simple ways to get your antenna working better leaving you with better reception.

Locating the Broadcast Towers

On the Gold Coast there are a number of broadcast towers that covers specific areas of the region. Locating the broadcast towers can help you know which strength antenna should be installed. An experienced and qualified antenna installer can identify your closest broadcast tower and ensure you have the highest strength antenna to meet your needs. When installing, they’ll make sure it’s pointed in the right direction.

By locating the broadcast towers and determining which ones are bracketed, base of the antenna or supported towers, you can ensure that your residential TV antenna is pointing in the correct direction for optimal signal strength.

Minimal Obstructions

One of the biggest issues with reception is obstructions between the antenna and the broadcast towers. Obviously the fewer obstructions the better but this is not always possible. Placing the antenna in an area with the least obstructions is important.

Antenna Height

Something that isn’t often thought of is how high the antenna sits. Keeping in mind any obstructions between your home and the antenna tower, your antenna may need to sit higher to get better reception, or it may need to sit lower. An antenna installer will ensure that your antenna is sitting at the right height for you to get the best signal strength.

Antenna Boosters and Amplifiers

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, an antenna alone won’t get you the best reception on your television. If this is the case, and your antenna installer has done everything they can, it’s time to consider installing a signal amplifier or booster to help you get better signal. This should be done only with an experienced antenna installer as installing the wrong amplifier or booster can make your signal quality worse.

These are just a few tips that can help you get a better quality television signal in your home or office. If your television signal isn’t the best quality, the team at Home Style Antennas can help you get a better viewing experience with minimal interference and issues. Contact us today.