Are you frustrated with the bad TV signals you’re getting? Do you miss the clarity that comes with a good connection? Then it’s probably time to call someone to get the excellent picture quality you crave. Because at the end of a long busy day watching TV with a good antenna signal might be your only source of mental relaxation.

What Happens During an Antenna Installation?

Depending on what is going on with your antenna, it may take up to two hours to uninstall your current antenna, install a new one and check to make sure it is all working. There is a lot of equipment used when installing an antenna – unfortunately, it isn’t always a straight swap over.

If your house has two or three stories your TV antenna installation time will likely increase. Likewise, if you have more than one television connected to the antenna, or if it is being installed for a business (commercial buildings may not be as straightforward as residential buildings).

What Additional Equipment Can Be Installed on Your Antenna?

If you’ve been dealing with bad signal, the last thing you want is to have to deal with it again. There are a few extra pieces of equipment that your antenna installer can attach to your antenna to get you the best quality signal, including:

  • TV antenna amplifiers work to boost the signals you receive.
  • TV antenna filters can block unwanted over-the-air signals that can sometimes disrupt the TV signals you receive.
  • TV antenna signal attenuators reduce the strength of the TV signals can be overwhelming for your TV tuners and that could eventually damage them.

It is important to talk to your TV antenna installer as the type of antenna you are having installed may need to be upgraded to accept additional equipment. While getting a better signal is always good, additional equipment can sometimes work in the opposite way and degrade your signal even further.

When Do You Know It’s Time For a New Antenna?

Most of the time a TV antenna works perfectly for 10 to 20 years. But accidents are all too common and you might have to replace your old antenna if:

  1. There have been recent storms that damaged your antenna
  2. Birds or animals have knocked it around
  3. Tall buildings have been constructed in your area that mess with your reception of TV signals
  4. If you’re installing a new set of solar panels
  5. Your TV is giving you a message which says, “Searching for signal”
  6. The image on your TV freezes
  7. You get a snowy picture on TV which usually occurs when you’re not getting a good enough signal
  8. Loss of image quality because your old TV antenna is giving up on you
  9. The signal disappears and you get a “no signal” message on TV
  10. You receive some channels but not all. This means your aerial isn’t picking up the right amount of signals to successfully broadcast all channels.
A New Antenna and Better TV Reception

A new antenna can of course mean better television reception. Your antenna installer can set your antenna and television up so that you receive all the free to air channels on the Gold Coast. If you still have Foxtel, they can also assist in ensuring the set-up is running at its best, giving you a high-quality signal.

One of the best things about a new antenna is that rainy and windy days aren’t a problem. An upgraded or new antenna will be much stronger than one that has sat on your roof for the last 10+ years.

It also isn’t expensive to have a new antenna installed on your Gold Coast home. Getting quotes is a good idea to ensure that you’re getting the best price and equipment to suit your needs.

At Home Style Antennas we can offer:

  • New antenna installations
  • Antenna repairs
  • TV wall mounting
  • Digital antenna upgrades
  • Digital TV issues

If your television signal is getting worse, speak to the team at Home Style Antennas. With a 10% discount for new clients, we’ll have you back watching sport or your favourite show before you know it.