Best Antenna Types for Molendinar Homes

Best Antenna Types for Molendinar Homes

While most homes in Molendinar should be able to receive good quality television signal, there are some homes and businesses towards the western and northern boundaries of the suburbs (those laying along Smith Street and the Pacific Motorway) that may experience some issues. Some businesses in the commercial/industrial area may experience issues with their television signals as well.

Most commonly, signal issues in the area are caused by interruption, however for those homes that usually receive good quality signal may find that their main issues are caused by an antenna, cables and leads that are damaged, worn and aged. If you have ruled out any potential issues within your television, there are some things we will first look at when arriving at your property, including:

  • Where in Molendinar you live and whether there is anything to interrupt your signal to the broadcast tower
  • The general signal area in your street
  • The equipment you currently have including your antenna, cable and fly lead
  • Whether your antenna is installed correctly and pointing to the broadcast tower
  • Any maintenance issues such as a rusty or broken antenna, missing elements, cracked cables etc

Molendinar is a suburb with a good mix of residential, commercial and industrial, which can affect signal to the area. If you find you are getting interrupted signal, it is even more important to ensure you have the right antenna. Home Style Antennas will check your antenna is in good condition and pointing to the broadcast tower. If you are still experiencing issues, we will discuss the next steps which could be replacing your antenna or installing a masthead amplifier to help boost your signal quality.

We don’t recommend installing an amplifier without seeking professional assistance. Installing one incorrectly or without needing to can cause a variety of issues including making your television signal worse. You could also potentially interrupt signal to your mobile phone and any radio communications systems.

Home Style Antennas offers a 10% discount to all new clients. We also work with you to book an appointment at a mutually appropriate time which allows us to run through any issues with you in person, making sure you are happy with your new signal before we leave.

If you’re having trouble with your television signal in Molendinar, call Home Style Antennas, the local Gold Coast antenna specialist. We can consider all the options available to you to ensure you have the best signal possible at your home.

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