There are a number of reasons why your TV antenna might not be able to detect channels. Let’s take a look at the possible reasons behind why you might be having trouble watching your favourite TV shows.

Antenna Signal Hints and Tips

Antenna Connection: First and foremost, make sure the antenna wire is connected to the RF IN  or ANT IN input on the back of the TV. If this doesn’t work, try doing a factory reset on your TV and then running the auto-scan for DTV channels. You may get factory reset instructions by searching for your TV’s product code in our help centre search bar. Try gently twisting the antenna cable while it’s connected to the RF IN/ANT In socket on the back of your TV, since this can frequently cure the problem by enhancing the connection between the TV and the cable.

If this slightly fixes your issue, replacing the input cable may be a good idea.

Checking reception in your region: Your closeness to broadcast towers and the providers that have supplied services in the region have a direct impact on the accessible channels in your area. Even if localised services are accessible, if you are too far away from your nearest broadcast tower, you may have trouble picking up these channels.

Availability of only certain channels: Despite the fact that you may not have had any problems with the previous analogue broadcast signal, digital television requires a stronger antenna signal than analogue television due to the increased quantity of data being delivered. As a result, digital television is vulnerable to changes in digital broadcast strength, which can occur at any time, resulting in poor quality or the absence of some channels. Upon inspection, an antenna repairer may recommend an antenna amplifier as this should improve your reception range and fix your signal issue. It’s important to get professional help here, as installing an amplifier when it’s not needed, may make your signal quality worse.

These might be a few reasons for why your antenna might not be finding channels. If you’ve tried a variety of fixes but you still can’t watch your TV due to poor signal, give us a call.