Do you have poor reception due to weak signals on your television? If yes, the installation of high-quality TV antenna will not solve the problem alone. Depending on the signal quality and strength, you may need to install a TV reception booster at your premises. Installation of reception boosters becomes almost required if you are living in areas on the Gold Coast surrounded by mountains or tall buildings.  TV signal boosters help you overcome signal loss in a coaxial cable. You may also need to install a booster if you have a number of televisions connected – the more TVs connected in your home, the more potential there is for weak reception. 

A TV amplifier is essential for boosting the signal from your TV antenna, especially when it is installed outdoors or in a location far from the TVs. An indoor antenna won’t be of use if there is too much attenuation on the cable run, so an antenna system with an amplifier and power supply should be considered. A tv point can also be added to extend the signal from your antenna amplifier to multiple rooms, giving everyone in the house access to crystal clear reception. Make sure you have all of these components for a reliable signal!

A TV reception booster is a component that amplifies the signal from an outdoor or indoor TV antenna installed at your house, boosting the signal strength and quality to your tv point through a coaxial cable run. It may also include an antenna amplifier and power supply. With the help of a tv amplifier, you can enjoy crystal clear images with no interference or pixelated reception.

Thus, if you are having trouble with the signal strength and quality, installing a TV amplifier is highly suggested to get the best out of your antenna system. Apart from the above reasons, the following are a few more reasons people have a reception booster installed: 

Extends Broadcast Coverage & TV Channels

If you live in an area where you only get clear signal on one or two channels, a TV reception booster can extend the broadcast coverage of the existing signals.  It boosts or amplifies the existing TV signals and increases both audio and video quality. 

A TV reception booster also increases the number of channels available on your TV. It helps both HDTV and standard TV antennas to catch many channels that otherwise have been impossible to broadcast. With a booster, you can enjoy your favourite programs on different channels from the comfort of your home or office. 

Improved Audio-Visual Quality 

Nothing is more annoying than watching snowy or grainy pictures on your TV screen. Usually, it happens due to weak signals. A TV reception booster increases the signal strength and quality to give you crisp picture quality. 

Overcome Multipath 

In some areas, TV signals have to travel indirectly over multipath that weakens these signals. The result is poor quality video and audio. It is mainly because the signals bounce off the tall buildings or structures in the way. A TV reception booster strengthens the signals and ensures their proper reach for better quality. 

If you currently have poor television signal in your Gold Coast home or office, speak to the friendly team at Home Style Antennas and see if a TV reception booster can assist you.