Wall mounting a television is becoming a popular option with those who prefer a clean and tidy look in their home. It requires no extra furniture and cords can be hidden away from sight.

While you could just mount your television on a blank space on the wall, why not look at ways that you can make your lounge area feel more inviting while still keeping with your style? We looked at some of the more popular wall mounting trends.

TV above the fireplace – Fireplaces aren’t so common in modern Gold Coast homes, but if you have a fireplace, you will either like or hate the idea of hanging your television above it. Having your television mounted above the fireplace allows you to have everything in one focal area, making arranging your room easier.

Corner mounting – Often not the first area thought about, but if you have limited wall space due to large windows or a small room, it can be a good option for placement.

Dark wall – There are a few homeowners who are starting to wall mount their television on a dark wall. It hides the TV to a point, but when watching the television the picture really stands out. Dark doesn’t need to mean black though – you could use navy, charcoal or any darker colours that works well with your home.

Over media furniture – Do you have gaming consoles, cable boxes or the like that you still need access to but want to hide away? Utilising a media cabinet that fits in with the style of your home is a great option.

Are you considering wall mounting your television? There are a few things you need to take into consideration to give the best viewing angle and to make sure your television is safe. Contact the team at Home Style Antennas for a professional wall mounting service.