Are you sick of fuzzy reception or signal completely dropping out during your favourite program? Have you just built your dream home and need a TV antenna installed as the final touch? Home Style Antennas can help.

We are a family owned business, and know the importance of providing convenient, reliable, friendly and affordable antenna services for families and business in the Gold Coast area.

With 5 years of Antenna installation and repair experience under our belts, installing antennas almost daily, our team of professionals know how to get the job right.

There are various reasons, particular to the Gold Coast area, why your current may be insufficient. The mountains to the west can cause interruptions in certain areas, as can seasonal weather issues like large thunderstorms during summer. If you don’t know what is causing your issues, no worries! We have the expertise and experience to know not only what is causing the problem, but also what products you require. We will only recommend what’s needed, ensuring you aren’t left to fork out for loads of expensive and unnecessary equipment.

Our team of experienced and qualified professionals are proud to provide exceptional customer service. We turn up when we say we will and do an excellent job all for a fantastic price.

Other companies can charge exuberant prices for antenna installation and repairs. Home Style Antennas are proud to provide convenient and affordable antenna services. We will beat any quote by 10% guaranteed and we also offer discounts for pensioners.

We not only provide antenna installation and repair services for homes on the Gold Coast but also businesses, including body corporate complexes.

If you are requiring antenna installation or repair on the Gold Coast for your home or business, contact us today to have a chat and request a quote.