If you’ve been watching television with bad reception for far too long, perhaps it’s time to call someone to replace your TV antenna on the Gold Coast. Generally, it is a relatively straight forward process and will have you back watching your favourite shows without fuss.

Many people do wonder what the process is to replace a TV antenna on their Gold Coast home, so we have outlined the process, allowing you to have full understanding of what your antenna repairer is doing up there on your roof.

Location Check

The antenna repairer will be checking the location settings for your home or business address. This includes finding which TV transmission tower is best for your location, the coverage you can expect and the frequencies for each channel as well as removing your old antenna and setting up the new one.

Installing Antenna

Your antenna specialist will climb up onto your roof to install your new antenna in the correct position. There are a few factors they need to consider when installing the antenna, including how high it should be, whether it is facing the right transmission tower and whether it is best installed horizontally or vertically, depending on the signals in your suburb.

Visual Inspection

Once the antenna is installed, the antenna specialist will ensure all leads and cables are correctly in place, and ensure all devices are correctly connected to the antenna. If needed, they will also use this time to set up a signal booster. These tend to only be used if you live in an area with consistently variable or poor coverage.

Internal Set Up

Once the antenna is on your roof, your antenna repairer will come inside and ensure your channels are set up correctly, and that you are getting full coverage through each channel (or the best coverage that can be expected). They will run through each channel and ensure you are happy with the signal.

Once all this is done, it’s time to pack up and let you get back to relaxing!

Do you need a new TV antenna on your Gold Coast home? Make sure you choose an antenna specialist who has the experience to look after you and your home.