Have you recently moved into a new home or purchased a new television? Are you considering a TV wall mount installation on the Gold Coast? You certainly aren’t alone! More and more Gold Coast residents are looking at wall mounting their television for aesthetics, to provide more space and to keep young children away from all the cords and cables that come with owning a TV.

But what are the main factors to consider when looking to organise TV wall mount installation on the Gold Coast?


You need to consider where you would like your television to be wall mounted and if there are any studs in the wall that would help or hinder this location. Other things to think about when considering the location is the set up of your couches, what you like to watch on your television and any light or glare coming in through windows, ceiling lights and lamps. Essentially, you need to consider the best viewing location.

Device Storage

If you are like many people, you’ll have at least one device hooked up to your TV that is going to need a home when you wall mount your television. Since the device will still need to be relatively close to your TV to allow for connection, you will need to consider what you have to use. A floating shelf installed underneath the TV is one option and a small bookshelf is another. You will need to drill a hole big enough in the bookshelf to thread the cords through.

Concealing the Cords

There is a good chance that one of the reasons you are looking to wall mount your television is because you are sick of having cables on the floor. But you will still have those cables when your TV is wall mounted. So, how do you hide them? There are a few options.

  • Have the cords installed inside a wall (by a professional)
  • Get a power outlet installed behind the TV
  • Use a cord-hider or cord cover kit and paint the same colour as your walls

Can Your Wall Hold a TV?

A really big consideration is whether your wall can hold a television. While they may be light, televisions are heavier than artwork, so you will need to have a wall that has studs to anchor the screws.

If you are looking to wall mount your television, contact Home Style Antennas. We have the knowledge and experience to undertake TV wall mount installation on the Gold Coast.