Like many, you’ve probably suffered the frustration of poor TV reception during the broadcasting of your favourite TV program. Your TV antenna is one of the common causes of this inconvenience. Sometimes, the issue becomes so severe that you may have to call your local antenna repairer to rectify the problem. At Home Style Antennas, we’ve seen plenty of antenna issues so we’ve put together a little list of the most common TV antenna repairs on the Gold Coast:

Replace Your Cables and Connections 

The first of the most common TV antenna repairs is the replacement of cables and connections. This service includes a thorough inspection of cables for breakage to the casing or wear and tear of the cord. Always check the connections with your set-top box, TV, or wall outlet as cables plugged in for an extended period lose their grip and cause signal problems. 

Proper Positioning of Antenna 

Another common TV antenna repair is positioning the antenna is the proper direction. Sometimes, building structures, trees, and other hazards interfere with the signals. Always ensure that your TV antenna is in the correct direction. If this is a constant issue for you, it can be fixed by increasing the height or position of your antenna. A slight adjustment in position can also solve the signal issue. The use of signal boosters is also common to increase signal strength where needed. We don’t recommend installing signal boosters without having a professional check your antenna, as a signal booster used incorrectly can make the issue worse.  

Antenna Upgrade 

With the advancement in broadcasting technology, the need for modern antennas has also increased. Your old antenna may not receive full signals to ensure quality sound and picture on your TV. If it happens, you may need an antenna upgrade. Home Style Antennas will guide you in this antenna replacement process including explaining the different antennas and which one is best for your needs. 

Check the Mode and Tuning of Your TV 

If the problem persists, check your TV mode and its tuning. Most TVs have a separate TV mode to display digital channels. Without proper tuning and mode checking, your TV may try to connect with DVD/CD player, gaming console, or your Chromecast. Your antenna specialist will also check to ensure that your television is tuned in correctly to all the right channels. 

Are your TV reception issues stopping you from watching your favourite show? Give us a call to see how we can help.