Watching your favourite programs on television is one of the best to chill out after long and stressful day or week at work. The quality of sound and picture however can be disrupted if your TV antenna is not positioned correctly or regularly maintained. Antennas close to coastal areas need regular attention as salt air can affect them quite badly over the years. We’ve put together some maintenance tips for your coastal antenna. 

Being Attached Correctly

The first and one of the most important tips for maintaining coastal antennas is the proper attachment of these to your roof. Sometimes, TV antennas change their position because of coastline winds. Therefore, its imperative to always ensure tight and correct fixation of antenna for an uninterrupted watching. If you find that your antenna moves around, talk to Home Style Antennas for options on fixing the antenna to avoid its free movement. With experience working on beach-side properties on the Gold Coast, Home Style Antennas know what works when it comes to ensuring your antenna is secure. 

Structural Material 

Proper functioning and life of coastal antennas depend on the material used in making it. Many antennas are made from materials that rust; this of course doesn’t sit well in the humid coastal air, where there is a good chance of your antenna rusting due to salt spray. Expert installers will use an antenna that is as rust resistant as possible, but it is still important to ensure your antenna is regularly cleaned and maintained. 

Regular Upgrade 

You may need regular upgrades on your coastal based antennas more than someone who lives in the western suburb areas of the Gold Coast. This may include changing your antenna when it gets too rusty, or as bigger buildings are built around you, you may need to consider signal boosters to ensure better quality picture and audio.

If you live in the coastal suburbs on the Gold Coast and it’s been awhile since your antenna has been checked or maintained, contact Home Style Antennas to discuss upgrading your television antenna.