With school holidays quickly approaching, the last thing you want is for your TV reception on the Gold Coast to stop working. We know that it’s important for kids to get outside and play, but we also know that at points, they will be happy just to relax in front of the television watching their favourite shows.

So how to make sure your TV reception is working when you need it to?

The easiest way to ensure everything is working properly is to use an antenna company here on the Gold Coast. If your reception is currently dropping in and out, an antenna repairer will run a range of checks on your cables, connections and antenna to see where the issue is. They can then repair the issue or replace the parts, bringing back a quality signal.

If you aren’t currently having issues, but it’s been a while since you replaced any of the cables for your television, or you’ve never replaced your antenna, it may be worth getting a maintenance check done on all connections. Like many things, your TV reception on the Gold Coast could work one night, but when you wake up in the morning, it won’t be working.

There are a few common issues with TV reception on the Gold Coast – usually it comes down to either interference (i.e something is blocking the signal to the tower), heavy wind has moved your antenna slightly away from the line of signal, or you require a replacement part somewhere along the line. While we can’t do much about removing trees or buildings that may be playing havoc with your signal, at Home Style Antennas we can certainly put measures in place to get you a better quality signal. We can also make a range of repairs as well as replace broken parts that may be causing issues.

If you’re currently having issues with  your TV reception on the Gold Coast, or it’s time for a check up on all your equipment, give Home Style Antennas a call.