Bad reception, including inconsistent signals or a fuzzy, low-quality picture, is typically the result of an issue with your TV aerial. However, what this issue might be in your specific case is not always easy to pinpoint. Sure, it’s possible to do all the relevant research and attempt to fix the problem on your own, but without the qualifications and experience of an expert in the field, it’s just as easy to worsen the problem while you’re at it.

Should I Do It Myself?

Although it may seem like a project worth tackling for the sake of saving money, the truth is that trying to fix a TV aerial yourself can end up being far more expensive and risky than calling an expert. For instance, your bad reception could stem from something as simple as high winds pushing your antenna out of alignment, making any unrelated attempts to fix the issue a waste of money and time! Or perhaps you get a new antenna set up, only to discover that the issue remains because it’s really an amplifier your property requires.

Mistaken purchases add up, and further repairs down the line are likely to be necessary if you endeavour to learn as you go.

The Most Affordable Way

Rather than risking an unsuccessful job and then needing to bring in a technician anyway, why not call the most affordable experts on the Gold Coast to do an impeccable job the first time? At Home Style Antennas, we can guarantee you a 10% cheaper quote than our competitors, and perfect reception within a day of your call! We have no call out fees, and will talk you through any expenses before you commit
We also offer new antenna installations, help with digital TV issues, and TV wall mounting. So for all of your TV aerial concerns, don’t risk doing it yourself. Give us a call!