The cost of data point installation is generally a “how long is a piece of string” conversation but the cost relies on many factors including how many points you need, how much cable needs to be run, whether other equipment needs to be used and what the points will be used for.  Data point installation can be done in residential or commercial properties, and it is important to know exactly what you need the data points for before you call your local installer.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons for data point installation.

What affects the cost of data point installation?

There are two factors that really influence the cost of installing data points whether in your home or office. You should discuss these factors with your installer to get an idea of what your installation will cost.

What will you be using the cables for?

If you are just wanting a data cable to connect your gaming system up to your internet connection, there are some cheaper options available. But a cable won’t give you better speeds – that all comes down to your internet connection itself. Other reasons for installing data cables around the home or your business include for the use of IP cameras, phone systems or security systems.

Does the cable need to be installed internally or externally?

The location of your data cable installation will play a role in the cost. Needing to install a cable for internet or the like to an outdoor location like a granny flat, shed or external building will use a different type of cable to what would be used to install cable internally. External cabling is protected from the weather, as well as from vermin and pests who tend to chew on cables. This specific external cabling will cost more but should last a lot longer than standard network cabling.

Most people just want to install cabling in their homes to run their gaming systems, security systems and perhaps their internet. If you need data point installation services on the Gold Coast, call the team at Home Style Antennas for a quote.