With the swap to digital television, most Gold Coast homes will be able to receive good quality television reception without the need for a signal booster. But like everything, there are some exceptions and for those homes, installing a Gold Coast TV signal booster is the only way to receive good reception.

The picture drops out

If you notice pixelation or a complete drop out of the channel when watching television, this is a good sign you might need a Gold Coast TV signal booster. These things indicate a weak signal, especially if you have more than one television that has the same issue.

An antenna installer should also check the leads and sockets to ensure the issue isn’t from corrosion or the like before installing a booster.

More than 3 televisions in the house

Many Gold Coast suburbs will receive good signals to up to 3 or 4 televisions in the home, but if you have more than this, you will likely need a signal booster. If you have just moved into your home, there is no need to install a booster straight away. You should plug in all of your televisions and see what the signal is like.

If there are no issues, you don’t need to worry. If there are, give us a call and we’ll get your signal going.

Surrounded by hills or buildings or a long way from the tower

On the northern Gold Coast, it is not unusual for the signal to some homes to be blocked by the mountains to the west. Central Gold Coast homes may experience issues due to high rise buildings surrounding them. If the line of sight from your home antenna to the transmitter is blocked, you will likely need a signal booster.

If you can see other homes in your area have masthead amplifiers, it is likely you will need one as well.

Installing a signal booster when you don’t need it, can be cause a signal that is too strong. This means you will often pick up channels from outside your area, giving you duplicates and clogging up your channel list when you do a channel scan.

If you’re having issues like those above, give Home Style Antennas a call. We can help with any of your television antenna needs.